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How do I use a thermocouple to extend the wire?

Release date: 2017-07-20 09:43:38 Visits: 799

Thermocouple wire is widely used when the cost of consumption is very large, then the more economical way is to use the extension of the wire, select the alloy wire as these extension wires, they are in a certain temperature range is very similar to the thermocouple itself, the net thermal potential The Such extension wires can not be used in the high temperature portion of the measuring line. The extension wire can be connected to the line between the medium temperature zone and the reference point. The wire that extends the wire is cheap, which is cheaper than the high temperature thermocouple material. This is particularly important when it is necessary to use a long lead to the reference point.
select the extension wire alloy to match it to the thermoelectric properties of the thermocouple in a medium temperature range of about 0 ° C up to a maximum of several hundred ° C. The upper limit of the temperature depends on the reactivity of the extended conductor and the ambient atmosphere, the type of insulation selected, and the temperature at which the extended conductor characteristics begin to deviate significantly from the thermocouple characteristics. The extension wire is useful for some cheap metal thermocouples and precious metal thermocouples. This extension wire of a metal thermocouple is usually the same as the nominal component of the thermocouple, but this wire can not meet the required high temperature output technical conditions.
The thermocouple wires and the corresponding other accessories need to be combined, and the use of thermocouple materials to create materials for the interface and other metal accessories is better, usually in the reference point of the measurement side of the use of copper wire, and can buy an alloy Solder, the thermocouple potential and copper thermocouple potential in order to minimize the local production of thermoelectric power.
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