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On the thermocouple and thermal resistance automatic test system features and scope of application, you know?

Release date: 2017-07-20 09:41:15 Visits: 871

Industrial thermocouple, thermal resistance with its superior performance, has now been a more widely used, then the characteristics of its automatic verification system and the scope of application, how much do you know?
Xiao Bian by collecting information, for you to introduce the relevant circumstances.
1. Thermocouple can control four test furnace or tank to carry out automatic verification work, the efficiency doubled.
2. Modular structure, the user can be based on the actual needs of a flexible combination (up to 10 modules can be installed).
3. Each thermocouple or thermal resistance module is sampling channel are 32 channels.
4. The same furnace can check the different degree of thermocouple, support a variety of standard, 20 temperature calibration points.
5. The same slot can check the thermal resistance of different sub-degree, automatic completion of three-wire resistance wiring conversion.
6. Can be tested second-class standard thermocouple: For direct access to the official website of the differential pressure transmitter landing
7. Can test the temperature transmitter
8. Can test the furnace and thermostat tank temperature field
9. Repetitive experiments can be achieved
10. Test data automatically saved, support re-inspection and re-inspection
11. Has a data query function, easy to retrieve information
12. Increase the function of the demo, user-friendly
13. The use of industrial-grade reliability design, there will be no system instability, vulnerable to interference and other defects.
14. Verification process voice prompts, alarm protection function is complete, for browsing the magnetic flap level gauge official page, please click directly
15. The system can be equipped with a variety of heat sources, including ultra-low temperature thermostat, the standard thermostat, thermocouple test furnace, salt bath and other high temperature tank.
Through the above thermocouple on the automatic verification system related to the introduction, we hope to work and practical use of the help.
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